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The Bristol City Sign Project

This is the humongous ""Bristol City Sign Project that I did in 2009. It is a street animation/installation piece on a very large scale and was done over September, October and November of that year.

These hundreds mini warning signs were made of paper and old cardboard packaging with a touch of glue and were designed to be removed very easily and collected by anyone who felt the need.
They hed a small lip of card on the back which the cable tie would go through and then round the lamp post and could be put up or pulled down in a matter of seconds.

I was much later in 2010 eventually collared by the authorities for this grand fly posting offence but after pointing out the in built removeable design to them I was let off with a slapped wrist.
What was rather scary was the fact that they had been following me around for months and had an unmarked van watching my house on and off for weeks. They had also searched my facebook profile and knew every little thing about me. Information that could only have come from that site. That scared me.
(My website address was on the back of most of the signs but not the ones that I put up in buildings)
It was probably the "Pack of Wolves" sign I put up in Lloyds TSB in Bishopston - Gloucester Rd. that allerted the police anitially. It was a real coop for me as I went back 4 days later to find it was still there. This just prooves the point that I was trying to make.
We are supposed to trust these greedy bankers with our money. They soon upgraded their security sytems in the building after and even put a new sign on the door saying so.
I suppose putting a sign up lets them off the hook?

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(Above Image) Production line of Mini Signs. 2009